5 Male Characters That Are Openly Or Secretly Gay In Rhythm City


Actor and reality star; Mzamo Gcabashe who plays a gay role in; Jamaica is gay in real life has hit back at homophobic comments on-screen and off-screen. When his character got a love interest in Rhythm City the actor was trolled on social media. He responded by saying: “It’s crazy that in 2019, people can still be so closed-minded. Some people have even said that they cannot watch our scenes on TV with their kids and ask what we are doing. Basically, there have been homophobic comments and it is shocking.”


Multi-award-winning stage and TV actor; Mcendisi Shabangu plays the villainous Khulekani Ngobese who is married to Nandi Ngobese. Khulekani has a daughter; Zinhle Ngobese who is bisexual and has a bisexual baby-mama slash sister-in-law; Ziyanda is believed to be bisexual. He’s been having affairs behind his wife’s back with men; Jamaica played by Mzamo Gcabashe and recently hit on Pule Ndlovu played by Zamani Mbatha.  Fans of the show believe that Shabangu’s character is actually gay and not bi-sexual as he portrays on the show.


Zamani Mbatha who plays the role of Suffocate Ndlovu’s adopted son; Pule Ndlovu is believed to be secretly gay on the show. When his half-brother; Mzi caught him in the hotel room with Khulekani, Pule never let his brother and his father know what Khulekani’s true intentions were with him. Although Pule looked traumatized by Khulekani’s advances, fans of the show believe that he’s hiding KKhulekani’s secret because he, himself is gay. He might have been put off by Khulekani because he’s not interested in Khulekani but he’s secretly gay.


There have speculations that Menzi Biyela’s character; Mandlakahle’s might have feelings for his boss; Khulekani as fans haven’t seen him with women, date women, or even check out women on the show. The way he’s protective of Khulekani or looks at his boss is very suspicious. He’s overboard and hell-bent on killing anyone who might harm Khulekani, which made fans speculate that he’s secretly gay.


The actor and singer; Phila Mandligozi who is the son of Ringo Mandlingozi plays the role of Nathi on the show. His character’s sexuality has been confusing fans of the show because of his strong cultural background. He’s currently dating both Mampho and Jamaica on the show who are flatmates and were both sworn to secrecy about their relationship with him.